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Whole Food Herb Blends

These blends were formulated for not only daily nutritional needs but specific health issues as well. These blends 

work well for horses that need basic nutrition or are not dealing with chronic issues. Custom blends are

highly recommended for horses with issues that cannot be maintained on pre-blends. 

Please read about The Natural Equine Diet ​ to understand why feeding a whole food diet is the goal. 

Don't forget to check out the Applied Zoopharmacognosy information for a more tailor fit diet. 

These blends are best fed in a forgage base, no grain, no soy diet.

Most blends are offered in cut/sifted/seed/whole flower form. All can be chewed easily.

Teas can also be made for those with teeth issues. 


USDA Organic Herbs
Kosher Herbs
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