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Applied Zoopharmacognosy:

enables self-medicative behaviour in domesticated and captive animals by offering plant extracts, poweder or chopped herbs that would contain the same, or similar constituents to those found in an animal's evolutionary history.


Welcome to the journey of feeding your horses the way nature intended.

By using the Applied Zoopharmacognosy technique, your horses will speak to you by

giving you a physical response from the smell of each herb.

herbs for horses

Herb testing or Applied Zoopharmacognosy can be done in one sitting, up to two hours or be broken up over a few days.


There are almost 80 small bags of herbs in this kit. These are to be used for testing only. Some are powdered while some are chopped. They are broken down and evaluated by herb actions (healing/nutritional properties) and their energetics (warm/cool/dry/wet, etc.). Please remember, herbs have many levels of healing and/or nutritional actions. For example: Basil falls under digestion and detoxing but it also has anti-fungal/bacterial properties as well as helping with headaches, chest infections, fevers and colds. Basil is a warming (energetic) herb, and contributes to the sweet, bitter and pungent tastes. 

When doing Applied Zoopharmacognosy, there are reactions your horse can show, as it is these reactions that are key to understanding what your horse is saying.


Demonstration video coming soon!

Licking, chewing and/or yawning (LCY): This is the ultimate response as it is known as the thinking response for a horse. When a horse shows any of these releases, it is the body’s way of saying, “this herb is good for me or can help me.”


Positive, NO LCY: This response can be accompanied by the horse showing a lot of interest in a particular herb; trying to eat it, nudging at you, blinking of the eyes, dropping the head in a deep relaxation. Sometimes with this response, there can be a sigh or maybe the horse steps into you. But, remember, there is no LCY but still these are positive responses.

Negative response: If the horse smells the herb and either doesn’t like the smell or the herb gives it a feeling that it is not beneficial, they will often turn their head away, back up or even try to leave. This negative response can also be accompanied by sneezing or coughing and even pinning the ears back. 


*It doesn’t matter what time of day you test, as long as it’s a few hours before or after your horse eats. DO NOT allow horses to graze during the test or resting period, it can interfere with their thought process and reactions. 

*Do not force your horse to sniff an herb. I have found when a horse jerks away quickly, it's usually is a negative response. 

*Once you get a response, keep the herbs together that match the response (LCY or positive no LCY or negative). If you are unsure of the response, just make a separate pile. 

*You can try and assess the test yourself but I recommend taking a picture of the result sheets and text, messenger or email it to me THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR THIS. Please allow me 2-3 days to go over the results and make my assessment.

*Just because your horse may seem to pick a lot of herbs, doesn’t mean they will need to take all of them.  A horse may pick 30 herbs and only get 10 or 5 or 20 depending on both the actions and energetics of each herb. 

*We want to start the healing at the deepest level, sometimes I can suggest a blend or create a blend for you or you can do the individual herbs, which is what most of my clients do as well. Then it's time to get your herbs and watch the healing begin. 

* MOST IMPORTANT: These herbs and all blends are meant to be fed with a forage based pellet. If you want to continue feeding grain, the Natural Equine (wild horse) diet will not work.


Your kit will include step by step, easy instructions, a checklist for when testing is completed and a breakdown of all the herbs and their actions. Your testing herbs will be in a nice little case for storage. A waist server apron with three pockets, each pocket represents the horses reaction to make it easier. 

Purchase the kit here: Herb Testing Kit

For extra copies the checklist click here

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