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What people say about Wholehearted Harmony

(formally The Natural Equine)

Mark K - Westville FL.

Owner MK Performance Horses

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The Natural Equine (Debbi) has been nothing short of an asset. From body work needs to general health and wellness, my horses are looking and feeling great from the inside, out. Through herb tests Debbi has done, I can tailor specific dietary needs to each horse. It sounds crazy, but with the results I've seen from numerous herb tests, it is undeniable how well it works; I've see a HOT mare transform into a stunning kids horse. I cannot recommend The Natural Equine enough - the herbs are unbelievably inexpensive and are super easy to get your horses started on. The horses love their herbs and love to see Debbi come for their monthly farrier and body work. Further, Debbi has proven to be an amazing friend. She truly cares for the animals she works with and wants to see them grow into a truly healthy, happy animal. I cannot express my gratitude toward her and her practices enough. From helping me maintain my hardest keeper, to being there during the most difficult time of saying goodbye, TNE & Debbi have been a saving grace for my herd and my peace of mind. 

testimonial pics
testimonial pics
testimonial pics

We put our "hot" headed mare Penny, that liked to do nothing but run, on many herbs, including calming and sugar control herbs after Debbi did an herb test to see exactly what she needed. She became a much different horse after just a few weeks on the herbs. She calmed down and we were able to walk her on a loose rein without being held back, but would pick up her pace as soon as she was asked. In addition, she used to sweat profusely within minutes of riding. After getting her on the right herb supplements and monthly body work, we are able to ride an hour and even jump with only normal sweat. Penny is now my daughters favorite horse to ride. And we now have an Rein, who has been herb tested as well and has been started on his herbs. Can't wait to see the improvement in his overall health.

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Jessica - Geneva, AL

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Donna - Cottonwood, AL

Debbi has been trimming and doing body work on our horses, Lily & Bo for quite a while now and their hooves are looking great! She let's us know if she sees any problems so we can take care of our babies in between trims. We also use some the herb supplements she has on her Natural Equine website. It helps keep their hooves and coat in nice shape. It's nice to have a dependable trimmer that helps keep our horses healthy. Thank you Debbi!

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Kelly - Dothan AL

Debbi has been trimming my horses for 6 years. She keeps my horses hooves in great shape and does body work on them when they are sore. 

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Bethanne - Dothan, AL

Our horses have thrived since we have been clients of Debbi. Their hooves look fantastic and the newest to the herd, is getting more and more relaxed and comfortable with the process. Debbi's years of experience working with horses has made her one of our trusted resources to identify and solve problems. We are very grateful to have found her!

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Rachel - Freeport, FL

Debbi's professional and consistent care of our horses has been such a blessing. Her kindness and practices makes her a favorite of our horses, our mule & myself!

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Leon - Montgomery, AL

We were fortunate to get Debbi's services when we did, as one of our horses had abscesses on his hoofs and another I wanted to put weight on. In both instances, Debbi's Holistic approach to horse care netted positive results. We are very please with her. 

6 months ago I consulted with Debbi on getting my boys on herbs and changing their diet. My 9 yo Arabian Ra RA was displaying aggressive behavior towards his 20+ yo pasture mate after he lost his best buddy Scotty, to old age. He was given time with him when he was euthanized and didn't start behaving badly until about a month last when my neighbors 28 yo passed. They shared a fence line, so they were also buds. I started, under Debbi's recommendation, on Calm Down and it's really helped him greatly. He is still a stinker bossing his brother Beau around but, he no longer bites or or is excessively mean. 

My senior QH Beau has had a few things going on. First, he's a little on the chunky side and his arthritis  was pretty bad and was having extra trouble because Ra was chasing him so much. He also, for 7 years seemed to always have loose stools, no matter what we fed him. We started Beau on the Senior Boost Plus and it has helped his arthritis so much. The difference really is amazing.  For his weight, we put him on Sugar Down and Tummy B Calm for his loose stool. I can tell you, the results are amazing. And no more poopy tail YAY!

Gail- Lexington, KY

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Melissa W.  - N.C

The Natural Equine has made such a tremendous difference in my 3 horses' health and behavior in less than 6 months of switching over to their natural diet which makes my life much more fulfilling overall. They are so much happier now, and their coats are simply gleaming. Debbi is always prompt in her response when you have any questions or even advise on your "situation" that's needing attention. And the most welcomed bonus of feeding them the wild horse diet with their individual herbs and herb blends is in the end, my food costs have diminished since hay pellets aren't nearly as expensive as any grains! Thank you Debbi for sharing your Natural Equine expertise with me and my small herd.  

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It's been just about a year now that I reached out to Debbi for my gelding, He was having behavior issues and we were about to move to a
new barn...lots of stress!! I've now been using Wild Horse Herbs and The Natural Equines various oils for about a year and love them. Debbi
is a fantastic business owner, always reaching out, answering the phone, texting back (anytime of day), great advice (and not just for
animals), fast shipping...I don't just consider her a resource, she's a friend!! What I am truly grateful for is my rescue pup (13 yr old
puppy mill rescue) has a new lease on life and the only thing I changed is the addition of herbs. The combination of joint rebuilder,
calm down now, and tummy be calm has worked miracles. No more hiding during storms...she's actually snoring during lightning and thunder,
for the first time in 7 years she is running around the living room and letting out an occasional bark. It's so incredible to see how relaxed and comfortable she is now. My gelding is doing great on his herbs too!! Some he gets everyday, some he gets in times of stress. A particular favorite of his is Meadow Munchies! I am working towards getting him on the Wild Horse Diet with Debbi's advice. Join her FB page and you will learn lots while seeing her wonderful horses and two beautiful girls. I wish we were close to Debbi so I could take advantage of her trimming and bodywork skills...I'm trying to get herto go on tour!!

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