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Winter and Me

Hello, my name is Debbi and I started my business the Natural Equine, (now, Wholehearted Harmony), over 14 years ago, when I met a natural barefoot trimmer in Kentucky. I was so captivated by his approach (being different then of a traditional farrier), that I became obsessed with hooves and I wanted more than anything to be able to see more horses barefoot. Though I was trained in the horse world the "old-school way", I was raised in my home very differently than the norm. That is what set my path.

I Grew up in a family that stepped outside the box a long time ago when it came to medicine and healing, My father, a formally trained veterinarian turned Wholistic Doctor, trained in many Eastern healing methods, I was raised with every alternative method you can think of, including food. Watching my father heal and other people that were healers on a very different level, I found myself part of that circle with an ability I had no idea I had. I could feel, not communicate, but feel the energy of the horse. I know, it sounds silly. It was explained to me what energy healing was and that my ability could be fine tuned and I could help horses in many ways. There was no school, no certifications. I learned bodywork techniques from so many different people. I purchased all the books I could find on the horse, I even read veterinarian books to learn the skeletal system, muscles and everything that was the internal horse. Again, in time when much of this was new and those who were doing it were trying to make it seen as legit work. 

As I got older, helping horses was just something I did for those who called on me when they were lost with traditional methods and then I met that barefoot trimmer I mentioned, and I wanted so much to do more and for that I had to go through the legal channels to do so. That applied to bodywork as well as that time. With much studying under many different people, always trying to find those I connected with, I was able to learn more and start gaining those "needed" certifications. And here I am today, the second part of my life, still learning but always, always feeling. 

My focus is and always will be the root cause. I offer quite a few different services that encompass the "whole" horse. Though I started as a Natural Barefoot Trimmer and Equine Body-worker, knowing that holistic meant approaching both animals and humans as a "whole", I needed to expand my methods of healing into my practice. In the last few years I have worked very hard by gaining more knowledge in order to better help my clients horses and my own horses. As of August 2022, after finishing my Master Herbalist, I created my own herb line for horses, dogs cats and shortly after herbs for people. 

I have incorporated methods that heal the "whole" horse, starting with diet (forage based with herbs) and then focusing outward. In this order; Proper Diet, properly trimmed hooves, a balanced body and a healthy mental state, we can achieve a healthy, happy, sound horse. This does take patience but, if we incorporate healing horses (all pets and even humans) the way nature intended; it is worth its weight in gold.  

As of 2024, with so much personal and spiritual growth, I have changed my business name to reflect on my journey and who I am now.  So, Wholehearted Harmony has been born. I

I am so forever grateful and honored for all of those who have trusted me with their horses, dogs and themselves. 

​Debbi Baglione

Wholehearted Harmony, Wholistic Wellness


Barefoot Trimmer

EMFT (Equine Myo-Functional Manipulative Therapist)


Homeopath (beginner cert. working on next level)

Advanced Master Herbalist

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